1)  cut a long strip of paper4cm wide and fold in down the middle and glue together.

2)  Fold every 12mm like steps,  about 10 to become blades.

3)  Open out and put glue on one side, fold the blades again and squeeze to glue well.  Join the ends to make the turbine blades.

4)  Push a stick through the centre and add a bottle lid (see spinning top) on each end. Flatten the edge of the lids to fit the blades if needed.

5)  Spread out the blades so they are even.

6)  Wrap thread around to tie the turbine together.


Anything that holds the turbine and straw will do, the base for the paddleboat or a bundle of sticks can be used,

1)   Bind (see tools) a stick or bamboo at one end.

2)   Split it down to the binding, use a stick to wedge the sides apart and bind it all together.

3)   Make two matching holes a the end for the spindle.

4)   Tie the straw to the base so that you can change its position, one way is best for starting another for running fast.

Try:  using more straws, larger blades, add card discs to the outside of the spindle, other sorts and sizes of blades.