Magic Stick

Magic Stick

Magic Stick Balance this uneven toy by whirling it round your finger. An easily made, interesting toy.

Please download the pdf for the latest version of the instructions

Making the toy

1) Bind the ends of two pieces of stick together at right angles

Magic Stick - binding

This will work as a toy as it is. Or

2) Tie the other thread to the bottom, a cut will help to hold it in place.

Attach the weight

3) Tie on your weight.


Playing with the toy

Place your finger where the two sticks meet let the weight hang down then twirl the toy around your finger .


Problem solving

Sticks fall off the finger. This toy works much better going round one particular way.

Sticks need to be bound together well especially with heavier weights.

Works best when going fast.


Developing this toy

Use heavier and lighter weights and see how it works.

Make the thread longer or shorter and see the difference.

Do the sticks need to be long?


How it works

The weight is pulling the stick onto the finger when it is going fast enough.

More science

Rotational forces: an object travels in a straight line unless deflected by another force. For a rotational force the object has to be restrained and held in its orbit. There will be a pull between these points. As this increases with greater velocity they can be greater than the action of gravity. This allows for surprising phenomena!

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