Flapping Paper

Flapping Paper

Flapping paper toy

Swing the weight in circles - the faster you swing, the better it works! A simple easily made toy.


Making the toy

1, Tie a weight such as a stone, a stick, piece of pottery or baked clay to the string.  Make sure it is tied on well!

2. Make a small handle at the other end of the string. 1 metre long for adults, smaller for children.

Make a handle

3. Fold the paper over the string.

Fold the paper around the string

4. Glue, staple, sew with thread or thorns to hold the paper round the string.

Glue or staple the paper to the string

5. Tie the string to the top of the paper to stop it falling down.

Tie string to paperTie string to paper

Playing with the toy

Swing the weight round and round.

The faster it goes the better it works.

Problem solving

No sound
The paper may be too soft or damp: use better paper or even dry leaves

The paper bunches up
Tie the string to the top of the paper

It can't go very fast
Use a heavier weight, a smaller piece of paper or a longer string.

Developing the toy

Try heavier or lighter weights
Try paper of different sizes and shapes
Try longer string
Try cutting slits in the paper
Try other materialsinstead of paper, for example plastic,leaves,ribbon or cloth


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