Climbing Stick/person

Climbing Stick/person

The best instuctions are in the PDFs above.

Make the figure climb up the ladder by pulling the 
strings alternately. A fun toy easily made. It will climb to any height!

Making the toy

1. Make 2 holes in the top piece of wood. This stick keeps the strings apart so anything will do.

Drill holes in top stick

2. Make 2 holes in the bottom piece of wood. These must be at an angle facing in, the string must be able to go through easily.

Drill holes in bottom stick at an angle

3. Measure and cut 2 equal lengths of string, 1mtr or more
4. Tie a bottle top to each of the ends.
5. Send the strings through the 2 holes at A, then tie to the top stick's outer holes. Leave enough extra string to tie to a knot and loop above the middle of the stick.
6. (Optional) Make the person using sticks and cover with cloth.
An interesting variation on the Avrin Gupta 'toys from trash' site.

Great climbing creatures can be attached.

Dont let the hair stop the string going through the holes though.

climb stick for utu

decorated stick

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