hammering a nail with a stone


A nail is a sharp spike of metal used to fasten two items together.

If the nailing is close to the end of the wood, hammering once or twice on the tip befor nailing will make it cut the hole better with less wedging and splitting danger.

For accurate strong nailing drill a hole in the top piece of wood first, it does not have to be the full size of the nail to help.

Nails make good axles, file off any rough bits of metal at the area where the wheel will turn. If you can find a metal tube to fit over the nail and be tight to the wheel then a long lasting bearing can be made. Washers always help.

You can use a nail to make holes in thin metal by hammering it through the piece of metal supported on a soft surface like wood.

Filing sharpens the nail the best.

  If the nail is sharpened flat it will punch clean holes

  If the nail is sharpened evenly then it will push out a number of flaps.

  If the nail is sharpened to one side alignment is difficult but there will be only one flap.

Sharpening a nail is best done with a file. It can be made sharp by hammering the side of the nail on a hard surface, steel or stone. the metal in the nail will spread into shape, this is sharp but quite soft.

Tools made from nails

 A nail filed along its length will make a knife for cutting paper or other soft materials.

Two nails hammered through a piece of wood will mark circles, one is for the centre and have a point, the other can be sharpened so it cuts or marks.

A nail scratched along a piece of wood will cut a slot with time. if the nail is hammered through a piece of wood and something is used to keep the wood the same distance from an edge then a parralel groove can be made.  The groove will help guide a knife or saw.

a nail drill .....