Hammer, pliers, file, knife x2, saw x2, 4x awls of different sizes.


There are tools usually available from local shops, quality will vary but it makes what you do easily possible for local people. Softer tools are easier to sharpen, hard tools are difficult to sharpen and can break but they will keep a good edge. Disposable saws can't be sharpened but the steel can still be reused for other purposes. Some cheap tools sadly can do very little work. The home made tools (click on th rright) in this section will all perform reasonably well, spending on a good quality saw file will make one part of your life easier. Pliers make difficult work easier too.

Basic Set

Knife / locking penknife
awl for holemaking
Sandpaper / emery cloth.

Apart from a good file these tools should be available locally and cost less than $15 altogether. A good file is very useful as it lets you sharpen the other improvised tools.