tool from nail

  Awls can be used for many jobs.

Basic Awl

Hammer a nail into the wood.

  Use strong wood  to hold the nail well.

  Bending  and denting the nail to help it hold in the wood.

 Make different awl bases by Using different size nails.

  In harder woods it is best to make a hole first with an awl to prevent splitting. 

  Binding will strengthen weaker woods. Cut the nail head off wiith a metal saw.

  If there is no metal saw to cut the nail head break it off by a lot of hitting.

 Either hammer or file the shape you want on the end.


  Loose nails can be wedged in with a small stick.

  Nails are soft metal and will need re-sharpening often.

  Bike spokes are stronger and may need heating to shape.



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